Elevate  SEROTONIN levels

Increase in  Physical strength

Decrease Pain

Reduce sign of Aging

Reduce  Stress

Increase in  Mental strength

Increase in  Muscle tone

Aid in Brain function

Promote more  Restful sleep

Increase in Emotional strength

Quicker Muscle recovery

 Increase in  LIBIDO

Build Collagen for  healthier skin

Stimulate  Testosterone

Improve  Stamina

Simulate Natural DHEA

LAMININE is able to address many health conditions.




Over many years I tried every treatment possible (except for surgery) to get any relief for my 24-year chronic back pain caused by a disc bulge in my L5. Chiropractors, yoga, acupuncture, reflexology – you name it I’ve done it, but nothing worked – not even short term. It was so bad in the morning that I’d have to get down on my hands and knees just to tuck the bed sheets in as I couldn’t bend over. I’d spend a day in the garden and my back would be wrecked for a week.

When my cousin told me about Laminine I was interested and skeptical at the same time, but would consider giving anything a go in order to at least be able to wake up with a little less pain and stiffness every morning.

I went home and did my due diligence, researching on the internet and reading some amazing testimonials, not only for pain relief, but a huge array of people were getting relief from so many other health issues, so I thought I’d give it a try.

The first night I slept like I’d never slept before. I felt an amazing sense of calmness come over me, which continued for many days until it felt like I’d had that feeling forever.

After taking Laminine for 2 months I seriously could not believe the improvement in my health.

My back pain completely disappeared and I can now garden without repercussions, and even after moving interstate I didn’t have any post-moving pain from lifting heavy boxes or moving furniture – this is also a first….and I’ve moved a few times over the years – always dreading it for the pain I’d experience afterwards.

Erica Morgan   Adelaide Hills 


Added to this, my 30-year problem with eczema has disappeared, and I no longer suffer from asthma (I was at the stage of taking Ventolin at least twice a day just before I started Laminine), and I don’t need to carry a puffer with me anymore.

Furthermore, I have not had one single episode of Restless Leg Syndrome (uncontrollable jitters in my legs that feel like electric shocks) since taking Laminine – and I was having them regularly.

Pre-Laminine I was taking about $40 worth of magnesium every week just to control it and that wasn’t even working properly.

(I haven’t taken any magnesium since starting Laminine). I have thrown out all of my medications, supplements and vitamins because Laminine is it for me.

I have been a compulsive nail biter for my entire life – my fingernails were always so thin and brittle I was never able to grow them, as they’d just bend backwards (and then get bitten off!).

 I cannot believe how strong my nails are now – they are the longest they have EVER been…and there is no question about biting them.

My hair is stronger, my skin is smoother and my acne is now basically non-existent. Not only that but friends are now telling me that I’m looking younger….bring it on!

I have never seen anything do what Laminine does on a physical, mental and emotional level for so many people – it is truly an incredible product, and the most powerful (and natural) healer I have ever seen.   



 “I am a landscape contractor, and one of my associates shared Laminine with me four weeks ago.

 He just wanted to see if it would make me feel any better.

 Although I am one of the world’s biggest skeptics, I decided to give it a try.

 I have suffered from severe nerve pain for the past eight years.

 The pain is spread throughout my entire body.   

Even after six surgeries, the pain has not subsided (even increased).   The second day on Laminine, the pain went away some 80%. It stayed at that level until I stopped taking the Laminine (just to see if it was the Laminine getting rid of my pain). 

   The next day the pain shot back up. I immediately started back on the product and the pain subsided again. 

I also noticed that my vision started clearing up.   

My eyes are great but I just cannot read fine print. By the second or third day I could actually read the fine print.   

My blood pressure, however, has been a SERIOUS health issue for me. It usually runs 233/117. After being on Laminine just a few days, my blood pressure dropped 10-15 points, which is major to me.

Out of all the medications I have taken, Laminine has done the most for me. I don’t know how it does it, BUT IT DOES. Laminine has truly transformed my life”. – Gene H  


“I was introduced to Laminine about two weeks ago, still in pain after 12 months of healing after my 55th surgery.

I was born with Arthro Gyposis Multiplex Congenital, and had 55 surgeries trying to make me normal.

All they did was cause scar tissue which in turn has caused pain. Pain caused from SCAR TISSUE, JUST CHRONIC PAIN!


I met Kimberly Payne at Idaho Ballroom Dance Studio, when she shared Laminine with me and thought it could help me.


I was very skeptical, after all, I do have a huge box of prescription meds that have NEVER worked, so it was worth a try.   


I couldn’t get off the morphine without constant pain. I am a mother of 4, with a therapy ranch and hundreds of animals to take care of.  


Within two weeks I’m off the morphine, sleeping through the night, and feeling great! I’m back to being the wife, mom, and friend I used to be.

 Helping with the ranch once again. It’s only been two weeks, I know all my cells aren’t regenerated as of yet, but if I feel this great only after two weeks, I can’t wait to see what happens after being on it longer.

After teaching biology to the kids, I know it’s real, it makes sense!

Scientifically and humanly it makes sense.

My husband has seen such a difference in me he asked me what I’m doing, I told him, and now he is on the product.

My friend Diana asked the same thing, now she is on it and sleeping through the night and her knee pain has improved, she is also a breast cancer survivor from a double mastectomy and has lived with constant pain also.

Only after one week on Laminine she is feeling a huge difference. Thank you”. – Britt C


“I am compelled to tell you how wonderful I feel after just 3 days on the Laminine.

I honestly took this believing it would do nothing for me. I literally expected to feel nothing from this. However, to my complete surprise, I feel almost euphoric.

I have been suffering with neck pain from 2 bulging discs for over one year now.

In fact just this past week I was up in the middle of the night in tears from pain in my neck. My pain now while it is not completely gone is so much better that I have not thought about it all day like I usually do.

I have worked out for over 1 hour yesterday and today with very little pain in my neck. This is amazing considering I have only been able to work out once a week for the past year due to pain. I have awakened these past few days feeling great with energy I have not felt for a very long time. This is really a miracle. Thank you for sharing this with me “- Jill H


“My husband had open heart surgery, ankle replacement surgery, foot surgery, shoulder surgery .

He also has diabetes. He would get up 3-4 times a night to go to the bathroom.

His mood swings were more than I could handle.

His other shoulder was hurting and he was contemplating yet another surgery. After only about a week on Laminine, he was only getting up once a night to go to the bathroom and that is about 6 am.

His moods changed within just a few days. His energy was improved in about a week. Now, after about 3 months on the product he has NO aches and pains, and his shoulder is not hurting him anymore.

Surgery is OFF! YAY!! Yesterday he spoke with someone and asked about joining a gym so he could start working out again.  

This is HUGE! He hasn’t wanted to exercise in YEARS. As I stated before he has type 2 diabetes and does NOT watch his diet. After 4 months, he is now completely off one of his insulin meds and starting to reduce the second one, little by little. What an AMAZING product we have here.” – Teri M


“I am suffering from an upper back injury due to stress and over lifting. My injury has put my day to day routine into a standstill. When you gave me the Laminine capsules on the first day you treated me, I was in extreme pain and was agitated, distracted, frustrated and fidgety due to that pain. I noticed within 30-45 minutes after taking the capsules that even though I was still in pain, I could sit still, watch a movie, move around the house, stay focused on what I wanted to accomplish and did not have the feeling of aggravation and depression. It is likened to a state of “euphoria” without the feeling of being under the influence of a drug. I ran out of the Laminine before my third visit with you and the agitation returned. I am very thankful that you suggested these capsules, as I do not take any muscle relaxers or anti-inflammatories. The Laminine capsules have made it easier to have the patience to let my body heal naturally. I am extremely thankful” – Michelle


“This is my testimony of Laminine and how I came to be introduced to it. I cannot deny how effective it is for pain. It should work for everybody as it did for me. I was in a very bad automobile accident and had a serious neck injury.  

My pain which was excruciating was managed by taking Laminine, much better than oxycodone. The repair of my neck through taking Laminine was experienced over a 6 month period without surgery which was deemed by the medical establishment the only solution to repair my neck wound.  

This is my story. 

I saw head lights approaching me very fast. I dismissed any concern of danger thinking the driver was preparing to pass me. Out of nowhere I felt a tremendous jolt. Before I knew what had happened I was spinning out of control off the freeway. It took all my strength to gain control of my car and pull off the road. I was stunned and sat motionless for a few minutes wondering if I had been injured.  

As I turned my head to look back the pain was excruciating. I had never felt pain so profound. The pain radiated from my neck down my arms and into my hands.  

As disconcerting as the pain was, my blurred vision and sporadic flashes of light confirmed that I had a serious injury. I carefully crawled out of the car to see what had just taken place. As I looked back I could see shards of glass all over the freeway gleaming in the moonlight. I could also tell the wreck involved other cars  

I stumbled back to my car in excruciating pain and tried to find a position I could hold my head to relieve the pain. In the distance I could hear sounds of sirens and they were getting closer. I closed my eyes and tried to relax.  

The ambulances arrived and began loading the injured. We were transported to a small town hospital nearby. I had comfort that the ride would be short. I could feel the intensity in the voices of those loading me into the ambulance. I could tell they had great concern for my neck.  

At the hospital they determined that I had soft tissue damage. They then transported me to a larger hospital because I needed an MRI evaluation. The clinical assessment of my injury was severe trauma and damage to 4 cervical vertebras and discs.  

I was informed that my injuries could only be repaired by surgery.  

The pain was so severe that they put me on 30mgs of oxycodone daily. That made me sick and did very little to relieve the pain. The pain was now all consuming and it took all my energy and concentration to just make it through another day.  

As the pain increased with each day, I noticed my quality of life slipping away. I could not continue my normal activities. I was sinking into a hopeless despair. I was wondering if my quality life would ever return.  

A good friend introduced me to Laminine and suggested I try it for pain.  

My friend knew that I had researched and studied natural products for many years. He told me it would be the greatest product I would ever experience. He told me it was stem cells from a 9 day old chicken egg. I had never heard of so much malarkey.  

I knew that stem cells were derived from the human placenta and the umbilical cord. I was so bad off that I decided to try it.  

I began taking the Laminine hoping against hope for any kind of positive result. To my utter amazement in just 3 days, I noticed my pain subsiding.  

It was absolutely miraculous that in just 1 week I could return to my normal activities.  

I no longer had to take pain medication. The hospital staff seemed reluctantly excited about my pain relief.  

They were quick to remind me I needed to schedule surgery as soon as possible. I was reticent to schedule the surgery because each passing day I was feeling better. I had experience great pain relief and was gradually gaining back my mobility in my neck.  

I decided that I would study Laminine from a scientific position.   

I gathered up all the known information and read about 1,500 pages of science.  

I talked to doctors in the company and the researchers. I became convince that the stem cells in the 9 day old chicken egg were in fact Fibro Blast Growth factor 1 and 2, and that they were non-differentiated.  

Once in the body the brain would give them an assignment to correct the various needs of the body. There were so many health benefits that I could not believe it. I also could not believe how inexpensive taking Laminine was.  

I also discovered that everybody was different and that by increasing the dose, there were many more benefits. Some needs required more than I Laminine capsule per day and in fact some maladies require up to 8 capsules per day.  

I have no pain and I have full movement of my neck. I   still take some Laminine, but the dose is down to 1 capsule per day.  

I was on 6 capsules per day for over 6 months.  

have not had the surgery and I do not need it. I believe that it is truly magical for repairing the human body.  

I believe it is anti-aging to an old decrepit body. You should not waste 1 minute buying it.” –  

Dr. Clark Pearce, PHD Bio Chemistry and stem cells researcher. 

Research Links Alzheimer's Disease to Brain Hyperactivity.

Patients with Alzheimer’s disease run a high risk of seizures. While the amyloid-beta protein involved in the development and progression of Alzheimer’s seems the most likely cause for this neuronal hyperactivity, how and why this elevated activity takes place hasn’t yet been explained — until now.

A new study by Tel Aviv University researchers, published in Cell Reports, pinpoints the precise molecular mechanism that may trigger an enhancement of neuronal activity in Alzheimer’s patients, which subsequently damages memory and learning functions. The research team, led by Dr. Inna Slutsky of TAU’s Sackler Faculty of Medicine and Sagol School of Neuroscience, discovered that the amyloid precursor protein (APP), in addition to its well-known role in producing amyloid-beta, also constitutes the receptor for amyloid-beta. According to the study, the binding of amyloid-beta to pairs of APP molecules triggers a signalling cascade, which causes elevated neuronal activity.

Elevated activity in the hippocampus — the area of the brain that controls learning and memory — has been observed in patients with mild cognitive impairment and early stages of Alzheimer’s disease. Hyperactive hippocampal neurons, which precede amyloid plaque formation, have also been observed in mouse models with early onset Alzheimer’s disease. “These are truly exciting results,” said Dr. Slutsky. “Our work suggests that APP molecules, like many other known cell surface receptors, may modulate the transfer of information between neurons.”

With the understanding of this mechanism, the potential for restoring memory and protecting the brain is greatly increased.Building on earlier research

The research project was launched five years ago, following the researchers’ discovery of the physiological role played by amyloid-beta, previously known as an exclusively toxic molecule. The team found that amyloid- beta is essential for the normal day-to-day transfer of information through the nerve cell networks. If the level of amyloid-beta is even slightly increased, it causes neuronal hyperactivity and greatly impairs the effective transfer of information between neurons.

In the search for the underlying cause of neuronal hyperactivity, TAU doctoral student Hilla Fogel and postdoctoral fellow Samuel Frere found that while unaffected “normal” neurons became hyperactive following a rise in amyloid-beta concentration, neurons lacking APP did not respond to amyloid-beta. “This finding was the starting point of a long journey toward decoding the mechanism of APP-mediated
hyperactivity,” said Dr. Slutsky.

The researchers, collaborating with Prof. Joel Hirsch of TAU’s Faculty of Life Sciences, Prof. Dominic Walsh of Harvard University, and Prof. Ehud Isacoff of University of California Berkeley, harnessed a combination of cutting-edge high-resolution optical imaging, biophysical methods and molecular biology to examine APP- dependent signalling in neural cultures, brain slices, and mouse models. Using highly sensitive biophysical techniques based on fluorescence resonance energy transfer (FRET) between fluorescent proteins in close proximity, they discovered that APP exists as a dimer at presynaptic contacts, and that the binding of amyloid-beta triggers a change in the APP-APP interactions, leading to an increase in calcium flux and higher glutamate release — in other words, brain hyperactivity.

A new approach to protecting the brain

"We have now identified the molecular players in hyperactivity," said Dr. Slutsky. "TAU postdoctoral fellow Oshik Segev is now working to identify the exact spot where the amyloid-beta binds to APP and how it modifies the structure of the APP molecule. If we can change the APP structure and engineer molecules that interfere with the binding of amyloid-beta to APP, then we can break up the process leading to hippocampal hyperactivity. This may help to restore memory and protect the brain."

Previous studies by Prof. Lennart Mucke’s laboratory strongly suggest that a reduction in the expression level of “tau” (microtubule-associated protein), another key player in Alzheimer’s pathogenesis, rescues synaptic deficits and decreases abnormal brain activity in animal models. “It will be crucial to understand the missing link between APP and ‘tau’-mediated signalling pathways leading to hyperactivity of hippocampal circuits.

If we can find a way to disrupt the positive signalling loop between amyloid-beta and neuronal activity, it may rescue cognitive decline and the conversion to Alzheimer’s disease,” said Dr. Slutsky.

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